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How To Remove Stubborn Marks

Posted: 2013-05-11

Written by: Rise and Shine Ltd

Do you have some stubborn marks on your windows that just won’t come off? Are you afraid to scrape them off in case you scratch the glass? This is the technique we use if a customer asks us to remove adhesive substances from their windows. You’ll need:

-white spirit or other solvent

-an edge that is blunt, straight and rigid (e.g. a plastic ruler)

-a non-scratch scouring pad (the white ones, available from all supermarkets)

Place the scouring pad, white side down, over the top of the bottle of white spirit and turn upside down for a second, so that the solvent soaks into the pad. Rub the scouring pad over the stubborn marks, pressing fairly hard, so that the glass gets wet. If the marks are still there, take the edge and scrape the substances off your windows. Repeat the process of scouring/scraping until all marks are gone. If you’re having trouble, try leaving the white spirit to soak in for a minute before scraping the marks off.

If you’re familiar with white spirit you’ll know that it’s important to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards …it’s pretty unpleasant stuff. In fact we’d recommend wearing gloves. You may also like to rinse the window with a wet cloth to remove any solvent that’s left on the glass.

This technique should work for the vast majority of adhesive substances like glue, sticky-tape residue, paint etc. Hope you find it useful!