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5 Qs To Ask When Choosing A Window Cleaner

Posted: 2013-03-18

Written by: Rise and Shine Ltd

1)      Will you clean the window sills and frames, or just the glass?

Some cleaners (especially those using water-fed poles) include the frames as standard and possibly the sills, whilst some cleaners will just clean the glass. If you want the sills or frames cleaned it’s a good idea to check whether these will be included. We always clean the frames and rinse the sills on every visit.

2)      Are you sure you will be able to access all parts of all our windows / will you need to come inside the building?

This will be more of a concern for window cleaners using ladders. If you have windows in the second floor or above, will the ladder reach? Are there any other windows that can’t be reached with a ladder (e.g. windows that are directly above a conservatory or pitched roof, or where the ground is very uneven and hence a ladder cannot be pitched)?

Some cleaners that use ladders may say that they’ll clean some windows from inside the building. This can be inconvenient as someone will need to be home to let them in, and they may not be able to reach all areas of the window by leaning out. If you have sash windows and only one of the two panes slide then they probably won’t be able to clean the whole window. This is because when the window is open one pane will be in front of the other (usually the top in front of the bottom) and there won’t be enough space for a hand or cleaning tools to fit in between. As a result you’ll end up with a dirty strip (usually between three and six inches high) along the top edge of the bottom window pane.

We use water-fed poles and so, unlike cleaners with ladders, we can reach all windows up to 60 feet off the ground, including windows with conservatories/pitched roofs directly below them. There’s very rarely any need for us to come inside the building.

3)      Will you remove stubborn marks/adhesive substances?

Some window cleaners will not carry the necessary tools for this, whilst others will charge you extra. If you have adhesive substances or stubborn marks that you want removed you need to clarify the situation – don’t just assume the window cleaner will remove these as part of his ‘standard service’. Most cleaners will charge you extra because these marks require scraping and possibly solvents, and so removing them can be very time-consuming.

We carry the necessary tools to remove stubborn marks and adhesives. If you require this service please send us an email before the cleaning is due so we can provide a quote. 

4)      Does the quote show the total price, or will VAT be added on top?

If you get a quote from a company and there’s no mention of VAT then it’s best to double check whether this is because it will not be charged, or because they’ve neglected to tell you about it. Don’t just assume it’s the former.

Our quotes always show the total price, with no extra charges to be added on top.

5)      Do you use ladders or water-fed poles?

As you’re probably already aware, there are many advantages to water-fed pole systems, some mentioned above in point 2, and many more in our online article: http://www.windowcleaner-london.com/cleaning-method   Will your window cleaner be using them?